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The Innovative Nova Frame

After several years of research and development window and door frame successfully mastered the high technology of Co-extruded, combining PVC and aluminum reinforcement.

The Nova Frame is a unique door jamb made of expanded PVC foam. The frame incorporates an aluminium extrusion to provide structural strength and incomparable security.

Our innovative design allows an aluminium foil to be applied to the exterior of the frame. Aluminum foils surface treatment fluoropolymer coatings that provide excellent performance in some of the most aggressive environments, such as industrial areas or seacoast locations. Perfectly suited for a variety of exterior applications, such as door and windows, fluoropolymer coatings are highly resistant to chalking, fading, chipping and peeling and environmental stress such as acid rain and UV. The result is a sleek, clean and solid frame, which presents unique in the market.

Nova frames from Nova Plastech Inc. are innovative new alternative to traditional wood door jambs. Our light-duty composites of energy efficient door frame system combines all the strength and Security of aluminum reinforcement but with enhanced properties to resist moisture, rot, and insect penetration. The advanced Nova Frame system can be machined the same way as traditional wood jambs with no added hassles.

Door Jambs

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Door Jambs

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Door Jambs

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